PSC AGM 2017



Members Present

Mark Walker, Ian Burns, Ronnie Gorringe, Shannon Creasey, Max Burton, Macoy Noseda, Tim Antoine, Lachy McD, Darren Bird, Rod Barber, Vashti Johnston, Charli Wookey, Joel Wookey, Luke Chalmers, Chris Fowler, James Easton, Jane Featherston, Jamie Reichelt, Lance Wheeler, Mark Miccoli, Sam McOrist, Paul Robinson, Angus Forrest, Morgan Winch, Seany McD, Geoff Vockler, Mark Howey, Gav Duffy, Evan Kingston, Claudia Daymond, Eddie Wearne, Charlie Lucas, Jake Pancic, Kerry Coombs


Date: Saturday, January 27 2018
Location: Rye Back Beach
Meeting Opened 8.15am

President's Report ( delivered by Rod in Ben's absence )
Introducing Live Heats has been a great success for the club and will continue to be refined and help keep us moving forward. br> Sponsorship has been solid with Bass and Mazda, need to keep working on good relations.
Pres has done a great job throughout the last two years.

Treasurer's Report

  • As at 31 December, the club made a $200 loss for the year
  • This is inclusive of Mazda sponsorship ($2,800) and Bass sponsorship ($500 to date). Ben said we are getting an additional $500 from Bass, so in that case it will bring us just into the positive
  • We ran a tight ship this year and were tracking for a ~$2,000 profit. Unfortunately we made a significant loss at presentation night (see below). Costs projections were not approved or run past me.

Notes from the year:

  • ~$3,700 from membership
  • ~$600 campers from state round
  • ~$100-$200 profit each contest from food (great job Rod)
  • Broke even at both ABB’s (Island and Newcastle)
  • Lost ~$2,600 at preso (excluding the $500 we had approval for to invest in branding materials for future trophies)
  • Bean Surfboards
  • Has been making repayments each month
  • As at 8 January, owes $5,200
  • Election of new committee

    PRESIDENT: Lachy McDonald ( Nominated by Darren Bird, 2nd by Redeye )

    VICE PRESIDENT: Rod Barber ( Nominated by Shannon Creasey, 2nd by Ronnie )

    SECRETARY: Jane Featherston ( Nominated by Rod, 2nd by Lachy )

    TREASURER: Ronnie Gorringe ( Nominated by Luke, 2nd by Jane

    COMP DIRECTOR: Joel Wookey ( Nominated by Darren, 2nd by James )

    ASSISTANT COMP DIRECTOR: James Easton ( Nominated by Rod, 2nd by Luke )

    JUNIOR REPS: Max Burton & Macoy Noseda ( Nominated by Lachy, 2nd by Burnsi )

    WOMEN'S REP: Vashti Thompson ( Nominated by Rod, 2nd by Joel )

    ASSISTANT WOMEN'S REP: Charli Wookey ( Nominated by Jane, 2nd by Vee )

    Lance Wheeler, Adam Morris, Jamie Reichelt, Sean McDevitt, Morgan Winch, Claudia Daymond

    General Business

    Motion: surfers only able to surf one division outside of open
    - Have to be eligible for open only  past your own division
    - Comp directors can decide as they go.

    Motion: incorporate seeding into divisions outside of open (potentially already being actioned)
    - Live heats does automatically ( Joel W )

    Motion: committee to have Nespresso coffee machine fully functional at each comp (we have the machine)
    - Donated machines let's use them. Domestic machines.
    - Committee decision to be discussed

    Motion: reduce season to 5 contests
    Rod: 7 comps too many. Agreed by daz. 4 out of 5 comps counted in aggregate score.

    Motion: AGM must be held with the end of the competitive year (before Christmas/NY holidays)
    - this is in the constitution. ( Consider having AGM at preso this year, 2018 )

    Meeting closed 9am.