PSC Contest 5, 12 Sept 2015

The forecast for saturday 12th Sept looked good for contest 5 and it surely didn’t disappoint! What an awesome day it was to resume our contest season after one cold winter. Contest 5 and the first of the Triple Crown kicked off in good clean 3-4 ft lefts with the return of the bank at Addicts. I think most were stoked to be back here for a comp and taste a few left handers for a change.

The water was still coldish and the offshore a tad chilly but the waves were pumping. Again the lack of tide variation lead to great waves all day with the standard of surfing up there to match, Mikey B, the Pres, Fraser, Mike A,Tim Antonie, Luke C, Angus and Mark Miccoli to just name a few cashed in on the conditions and have put themselves in a good position for the Triple Crown.

Whilst the waves were pumping so was our naturally appointed MC Ben Hallam. A great job on the mic and music selection and a whole bunch of other stuff to keep the contest rolling. Both Ben and Lachy seem to fit all contest jobs in whilst surfing and progressing through heats .. Quarters and semis.

The juniors all got their share of waves with great surfing from Joel Wookey, Louis and Billy Wells. Hopefully Gully will make it back for the remaining comps to defend his slender lead in the ratings, making it for a competitive end to their junior days.

The cadets is always a hard fought battle and the lefts were a good test for these frothers. These guys were making the most of the lefts with great surfing from Jett ,Charlie and Rip but the best came from Will Antonie who doesn’t have a lot of “cadet” left in his surfing these days with big backhand snaps on solid waves and smart wave selection.

In the groms Maxy Burton continued his run of wins into an unbeatable lead, theres no stopping this kid , doing well in the open as well, to challenge a whole bunch of established surfers including his dad. Well done also to Keean and Troy.

In the senior mens Lachy has also moved into an unbeatable posi, posting his fifth win of the season ahead of Shannon and Mark Miccoli. Mark had been ripping all day making the semis in the open as well after a time away from the club.

The senior masters saw another battle between Burto and Mike Wise. Mike pretty happy with the lefts on offer and getting wave scores in the excellent range to get his first long awaited win ahead of Burto and Pete Lucas coming in third. The B Grade saw Rob and Johnny H finally challenged by Mick Do and Aaron C, but Mick just powered on through, loving the lefts and grabbing his first win of the season.

In the Grand Masters Tim A continued his unbelievable form from last comp into this one by taking out GMasters again and making the semis of the open.

The Legends saw the return of Skip and the return of a true local legend Gomez ,who is always stoked on surfing and even more stoked when theres lefts. Hopefully Cocky will return soon to add even more legendary status to the lineup.

The open Final saw a new face to the fold in Fraser who’d been killing it all day on the lefts but in the final just couldn’t get that second good scoring wave. Mike Antonie surfed great all day to make the final, consistent and solid on his backhand, carrying the Antonie name again into an open final. Whilst Ads was more than stoked to surf a left in a final after a long absence from PSC comps. He was on fire on a new board with possibly the biggest range of moves going down all day including a bit of air time but this wasn’t enough to knock Mikey Barbs from top spot. Mikey was surfing in a class of his own with big scores all day, he has tied up the number one spot with an unbeatable position with 2 comps to go.

So thats it, 5 comps done and 2 to go. Its the best 5 of 7 so still plenty of time if you’ve missed a few ! Next comp is Oct 10/11. See you there and
thanks also to everyone that helped put together a great day,

Liam & Daz.