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ABB 2021 VIC Qualifier @URBNSURF

SUNDAY 12 DEC 2021

The Australian Boardriders Battle Victorian qualifier held at URBNsurf on Sunday was a glimpse in to what could be a common location for Surfing Vic events in years to come. PSC was well represented at the event with a confident team and big group of members cheering on from the lagoons turfed shorelines.

Our day started with a club warm up session on the right hander, the amount of hooting and cheering going on for the first 30 minutes was incredible to hear. Our members were tearing and for the groms who made the trip it was an awesome experience to share an intimate session with some of our club’s brightest talent. Caiden fowler, Hayden Forrest, Pedro Lani, Will Watson were standouts of the session absolutely tearing into the waves in front of the crowd waiting in line. When "Beast Mode" kicked in half way through the session it was Joel Wookey and Sophie Wilkinson who claimed the deepest tube rides.

The set up back on the lawns was elite to say the least. Each club was able to set up a tent and enjoy the couches and umbrellas provided whilst enjoying the action. In our first round we watched our team on the left from up on the wall. The view was epic and the ability to cheer on, rev up and talk to the team was unique feature of the event.

The first heat was a fairly cruisy affair. Hayden Forrest started us off and after a few early falls completed a clean ride and locked in our first decent score. Caiden and Will also looked very comfortable, Caiden tore into a few lefts and locked a big score with some big forehand gaffs in the offshore conditions. Will Watson showed that he will be an absolute force in the next few years, his style and competitive poise were on show from his very first wave, He was one of the standouts of the events clearly showing his experience in the waves at URBNsurf.

The other highlight of our first-round win was Ava Hollands debut performance for the PSC team. Ava’s first wave was so exciting to watch from up on the wall and she had us all blown away. Her aggressive 3 turn combo scored a 5.8 and if she had of completed her last turn it would’ve gone even further north. It was epic to see how steely she was in what would’ve been a very nervous moment. Lachy McDonald was clinical as our O35 and locked in another good score before Caiden let loose as the power surfer completing a comfortable win and spot in the final.

The crew were stoked and after what seemed like an eternity for our groms on shore we were able to session the left as the contest continued for two rounds. In the hot sun the PSC crew had another electric session. Perdo Lani’s surfing during this session was insane, clocking 4 turn combos and throwing tail high 360 whips to finish. However, this session belongs to our groms. Will Watson, Ava Holland, Jett Harrison, Ruby Armstrong, Flynn Cooper, Sophie Wilkinson and Spencer Davis all surfed with unstoppable froth and energy, their performances getting better with every wave. After 45 mins most of the crew had returned to shore however Rod Barber and the groms remained. On shore we watched the groms push their performances, Ava Hollands fin blast and Ruby's air were particularly impressive.

Needless to say, our members got their moneys worth and made sure no wave went to waste, even the little weeny wave was being gobbled up by the really froffy members amongst the crew. Later that night back at the club Jett Dickinson summed it up perfectly saying you "looked around and all you could see were smiles from ear to ear".

The final was held over on the rights and from what we had seen in the morning warm up the team looked and felt confident for a big performance. Hayden Forrest started us off and after pearling on his first wave Dos lit up on his second ride to the roar of our supporters and came straight to the beach. Caiden followed and on his backhand was aggressive from the first wave, after a few failed attempts Caiden ruthlessly tore a left and locked in a good score for us, sending Will back into the water. Wills performance on the next two waves was exciting to witness, His forehand fin ditch and snaps into the lip are styled out and perfectly timed, watching the replay this week has had me even more impressed. We were keeping our noses in the hunt. Hannah Trigger and Lachy McDonald locked in two more good scores for us. Hannah’s competitive nerves of steel were on full display as she smoothly ripped her first wave and followed up with another completed ride. Caiden went back out for the last few waves to try and find us the score to move into second. He ripped into multiple waves, scoring a high 7 and helping us reach third in an experienced and inspirational effort for the team.

Unfortunately we were unable to guarantee a spot in the national final but rest assure we will be doing everything possible to secure a wildcard and return to Newcastle to improve on this years good results. Id like to thank all of our members involved in the event, it was a great club day and highlighted the strong culture PSC has. Congratulations to our friends at PIBC and TBC along with all the other clubs who competed on what was an epic and unique day for Victorian boardriders clubs.

A big Thanks to Lachy McDonald and Rod Barber for their contributions to such a great day and last but not least coach Craig Watson. Watto has been an incredible contributor to team PSC over the last few years, helping our team reach the national final earlier this year. He has fostered a team culture that we will build upon for the years ahead to hopefully achieve state and national success.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our members and friends. See you in 2022! Cheers, Sean McDevitt ( Pres )

Check out a heap of photos of the day by Gonga here


11 DEC 2021

Saturday 11th december again saw the groms competing for the second weekend running in at Atlas, Shoreham Beach.

We've been lucky to cram in a couple of contests to finish off the 2021 season, and look forward to the 2022 year.

Special thanks to Skip, Claire and their helpers on the day, as well as Thanks to Paul Churcher for capturing the event, photos on the Peninsula Sports Photography gallery page.

4th Contest 2021 Completed

6 November 2021

Our 4th and final Contest for Season 2021 was held in a very tidy 3-5ft swell at Rye Ocean Beach on 6th November.

It was another classic day down the back beaches with all members revelling in the warmer waters and classic conditions for most of the day.

Stand out for the day was Lachy McDonald taking out both Open and Senior Mens with his pinpoint turns and spot on tube navigation. Also making the Open A final was the return-to-competition Adam Morris who carved all day long, as well as Joel Wookey, Max Burton and Mike Antonie.

Other division winners included Ruby Armstrong (Women), Sophie Wilkinson (Girls), Willem Watson (Cadets), Charlie Grant (Juniors), Jett Harrison (Open B), Shan Creasey (O/45), and Rod Barber (O/55).

I’d like to acknowledge all of our members patience and understanding over the past two years. It has been an un precedented time for everyone globally and our club can’t wait to get back to doing what it does best. We look forward to seeing everyone’s faces again at comp 4 and look forward to seeing the progression of our female and male junior members who have been making the most of the extra time in the surf.

A big thanks again to Paul and Dillon from Peninsula Surf Photography who both put in a big day behind the lense to give us all a glimpse of how good the waves actually were on the day. There are multiple galleries from Contest 4 on their page so check them out here

Also we need to thank the committee who every contest put in from dawn till dusk including Sean, Ben, Joel, Rod, Skip, Ron, Claire, Graham and those that help out thoughout the day!

We'll have a break over Christmas and resume on Australia Day 26th Jan with the Single Fin Event and then the Presentation Night on the Saturday 29th Jan at SAB and the Clubhouse, stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

Contests to resume

October 2021

In anticipation of the lockdown ending in Victoria our clubs committee has made some big decisions to try and navigate the upcoming months leading into Christmas and the new year.

The main decision was to commit to completing the 2021 season and crown champions across all of our divisions. We will run a fourth and final contest in a window between mid-November and mid-December so fingers crossed for a great run of waves.

We expect Surfing Victoria to announce a date for the Victorian ABB qualifiers in the next few weeks but at this point I am expecting the date for the event to be on December fourth with the location to be announced.

One of the other big decisions made by the committee was to push back the date for our end of season presentation night. We have done this to accommodate the fact that everyone will be extremely busy leading up to Christmas and to also allow a buffer for the Victorian government decision on how many people can gather at social events. The new date has been set for the Saturday of the Australia Day long weekend and will run in conjunction with the annual single fin contest and AGM. Call it a super Saturday if you will, and yes, we will need all hands-on deck to ensure a smooth and successfully run day.

Finally, we have also decided to move the PSC urbnsurf session to February / March. This will mean warmer water at the pool and more comfortable experience for everyone who gets involved.

I’d like to acknowledge all of our members patience and understanding over the past two years. It has been an un precedented time for everyone globally and our club can’t wait to get back to doing what it does best. We look forward to seeing everyone’s faces again at comp 4 and look forward to seeing the progression of our female and male junior members who have been making the most of the extra time in the surf.

A big thank you to Dillon Milenkovic for taking the time to record the club’s history on his podcast ‘salt of the peninsula’. It was an honour to sit down with Skip, Ron and Redeye to learn the rich history and humble beginnings of our great club, make sure to tune in on Spotify.

Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and for more details on comp 4

Sean McDevitt

Photo: Contest Director Ben in an eye-watering bowl. By Peninsula Surf Shots.

Australian Boardriders Battle

15/16 MAY 2021

The 2021 Australian Boardriders Battle National Finals held at Newcastle’s city beach was a glowing example of the strength of boardriders club in Australia. Our team consisting of Caiden Fowler, Hayden Forest, Joel Reid, Joel Wookey, Pedro Lani, Hannah Trigger, Will Watson and Jake Pancic flew up to the steel city to represent our club.

The team was greeted with some great surf at the contest site and later at Dixon Park to the south for some enjoyable warm up sessions. For those who don’t know, the ABB is a teams competition format that gathers Australia’s best clubs to compete in a team vs team event to crown a national champion and take home a huge $20,000 prize. Saturday saw the competition kick off in perfect 3 to 4 foot conditions for the seeding rounds. Caiden, Joel Reid, Hannah Trigger and Will Watson took to the water for PSC to attempt a top 8 seeding and skip round 1 for Sundays team’s event.

Caiden got off to a great start with two crisp backside hooks on a right and held the lead right until the final minutes of his heat. The inconsistent swell didn’t allow him to improve his first ride and he finished 3rd. In the women’s division Hannah got busy and tried to avoid waiting to long for her opportunity to strike. Hannah couldn’t find a wave to let her show best on but kept searching as the heat clock wound down and was finally given her chance. Her two-turn combo was enough to push her into another 3rd position netting us crucial points for the following day.

Joel Reid was next in the over 35s division; he was pumped to get out there and play his role for the team. Reidy stuck to his plan and found the wave he had been hoping for within the first five minutes, netting a solid score. This strategy played dividends as the ocean went quiet and the other competitors hassled themselves out of the heat. Reidy finished 2nd improving our standings in the rolling leader board.

Our final surfer in Saturday’s heats was Will Watson. Will looked a likely winner in his heat from early on, staying active and finding plenty of opportunity. He locked away a mid-range score and had us hoping the ocean would go flat towards the backend of the heat. Will looked likely to land a big score but couldn’t find the wave to let him unleash a clean combination and stamp some authority on the other surfers in his heat. Will ended up 2nd and capped off what was a very solid first day of competition for PSC.

Down the beach early on Sunday morning and it was instantly clear that things had changed drastically. A strong southerly change overnight resulted in large and wild surf for the final day, something our team saw as a leveller to the stacked field. Surfing in the last heat of round 1 we were fortunate to be able to assess the situation and makes some final selection tweaks to the team. Pedro Lani was selected to join Caiden, Reidy, Hannah and Will.

Caiden found a big left early in the heat and surfed a series of rapid forehand turns looking strong and confident to set the team up perfectly. Watching from the sidelines it was evident that Caiden’s first wave instantly focused the team as they sprinted into the water to surf their wave. Reidy found a good right in quick time and backed up our first wave in what felt like an instant. Pedro went in next and found a good right that allowed him to complete a combination of turns finishing with a big drop wallet. In the chaotic conditions the strategy for Will and Hannah was to focus on a rip bowl close to shore, with ample time on the clock both Hannah and Will surfed to the strategy and we locked in another two-scores allowing Caiden nearly ten minutes to find a power wave. Caiden managed to find a big right and sent it huge on a big backside close out section only to come unstuck at the last moment.

With all surfers on the beach, we had surfed to heats time constraints perfectly and found ourselves in the lead with the final minutes of the heat fading away. The feeling on the beach was epic to say the least, there was huge smiles, hugs and high fives everywhere as we proudly won the heat and moved on into the next round.

The team and support crew seemed calm and ready for the task ahead as Caiden started us off again however a lack of waves early in the heat put a spanner in the works and precious minutes passed. The following heat was nearly the exact opposite to our first heat and as badly as it hurt and frustrated us, we were all able to smile at the end. Nearly everything that could go wrong in that heat went wrong but we held our heads high knowing that we had done our club and friends at home proud of. We can hopefully head back to Newcastle in 2022 with a taste of the big stage and the confidence that if we work hard our team can achieve big results against Australia’s best.

The ABB provides the team surfing experience that is so desperately lacking in the surfing world. The feeling of being at the event supporting your club and friends on the biggest stage is one of immense pride. I’d encourage every member to get involved in the coming years and help our team strive for the ultimate success at the teams titles. With the state qualifying round this November 6th the Coaches will be holding training sessions again starting in September so we can ready our surfers for another big performance.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in our teams’ journey in 2021, our training sessions early this year helped our team prepare and also gave our juniors a great opportunity to shred with our clubs’ best surfers on a weekly basis. Thank you also to the support crew of PSC members that came up to Newcastle to cheer us on and enjoy the incredible experience that is a teams titles final.

Let’s go team PSC in 2022!

Sean McDevitt


1 MAY 2021

Comp 3 2021 was the day we have been waiting for this year. Victoria has seen its share of random weather patterns this year which has made it very difficult to find that perfect day to run contests in. We were greeted by clean 3 to 4 feet of swell, perfect N/NE winds and some pretty decent sand at first carpark Gunnamatta.

The early heats of Round 1 Open Men’s and Open B had to deal with the peak of the mornings low tide so opportunities were limited. Caiden Fowler on a trip home form up north showed us that nothing has changed with a commanding performance in his first heat.

As the tide filled in through the mid-morning heats so did the scores, all of our competitors were able to show their best in the perfect conditions, some of the highlights included Flynn Cooper and Will Watson's battle in the Cadets final, with Will just getting the nod over a much-improved Flynn.

The Junior women’s heats and final was also packed with great surfing and tight competition. The waves provided the girls a great canvas to compete in straight out in front of the tents. Being front and centre didn’t bother the girls as each competitor surfed a solid heat. At the end though it was Mia Holland who took the win, looking comfortable in the water as the A frame bank the girls were surfing got more and more critical as the tide brought it closer to a nasty shore break.

The over 28's final was split over two banks with some surfers choosing the shore break and others choosing the far bank. The crowd in the lookout was treated to a show as the guys sniffed around trying to find the shore break tubes the groms had been surfing for hours during the day. In the end Pedro Lani took the cake with a technically brilliant backside air reverse onto dry sand for a perfect 10. From the water all we could hear and see was a screaming crowd and pedros big smile as he ran up the beach for the claim. Brilliant stuff!

The Open final was a tightly contested heat between all four surfers. Caiden Fowler and Lachy McDonald both had solid scores but in the slow high tided conditions never really got the opportunity to back up. On the other hand, Cal Nicolson and Joel Wookey stayed busy from start to finish with Joel stumbling at the very end and Cal with icy focus taking the day with his last wave to end an amazing day of surfing for our Club.

I’d like to personally thank everyone for coming down and staying the distance. It makes a huge difference to see so many members enjoying the day and providing a crowd for our surfers to entertain. The committee was incredible in setting up 17 hours of heats and packing it all into one day smoothly. The efforts of Lachy McDonald and Ross Moresigh as stand in contest directors were invaluable to the day’s success.

We will be on hiatus for the winter months with our competitive season to start again in October. Don’t forget the Australian Boardriders Battle finals next week in Newcastle where our team will be competing for the national title. Caiden Fowler, Hayden Forrest, Pedro Lani, Joel Wookey, Hannah Trigger, Joel Reid, Will Watson and Jake Pancic will be heading up to proudly represent our club. You can watch live online or on Fox Sports so make sure to send plenty of messages of support.

Thanks to all of our Supporters – St Andrews Brewery, Mornington Mazda, Bass surfboards, Ripcurl Australia, RVCA, Inferno Creative, Peninsula Sports Photography and Mark at Chips N Gravy Milkbar Dundas street. Also a big thanks to our members and friends for a great start to the 2021 season.

Have a great winter and happy surfing! Sean McDevitt ( President)


13 APRIL 2021

How quick has the start to 2021 felt this year? It’s been a very busy competitive surfing calendar of late, all starting with our huge result qualifying 2nd for the Australian Boardriders Battle National Finals way back in Jan.

One thing that has been noticeable in 2021 is the lack of decent surfing days on the beaches and what was one of the worst summers for waves in recent memory. For this reason Comp 1 wasn’t held until the 20th of February and to all of our members credit the day was a blast despite the average conditions.

Read our full contest 1 and 2 reports, teams news and more in our latest Newsletter


7 MARCH 2021

The club put another one down for 2021 on a sunny Sunday at Rye Ocean Beach, Mornington Peninsula.

A strong turnout again, particularly in the B-Grade, where 30 surfers showing up vying for a couple of spots place in the coveted Open Division next season.

The Open division final again saw a relatively young field with Macoy Noseda taking out his first Open win over Lachy McD, Joel Wookey and Jake Pancic.

Sophie Thompson carved to victory in the Womens and newcomer Reece Fischer took out the Junior Girls. Saul Taylor was victorious in the Junior Mens, Flynn Cooper won the Cadets and Spencer Davis took out the ever-growing B-Grade class.

Full results at and two photo albums at Peninsula Sports Photography


20 FEBRUARY 2021

PSC kicked off the 2021 Season in very contestable 3-4ft SW conditions at Rye Ocean Beach.

We saw great turnout including 27 surfers in Open, 17 in B-Grade and a strong showing in the womens/girls divisions.

The Open division final saw some different faces with Pedro Lani taking out his first Open win, Will Watson in his first final, Alex Vrana with a return to competition, and regular finalist Lachy McD.

In other divisions Ruby Armstong put on a dominating performance taking out both the Girls and Womens. Cassidy Short took out out the Juniors just over Saul Taylor, and Ned Shannon put on a great performance win the B-Grade.

Full results at and two full photo albums thanks to Al Dillon at Peninsula Sports Photography


30 JANUARY 2021

Peninsula Surfriders have claimed a berth at the Australian Boardriders Battle Nationals later this year with a stellar performance at Phillip Island with a 2nd in the final.

Held at Woolamai Beach in wind swept 4-6 ft swell, conditions were a challenge for all competitors.

The final saw traditional rivals Torquay, Phillip Island and Peninsula Surfriders and new club Jan Juc. Phillip Island took out the event with a solid performance and team total of 32.97 points.

Finishing 2nd and also claiming a National Final was Peninsula on 30.53 points, just ahead third place team Torquay on 30.3 points.

"We're over the moon!" said Captian Sean McDevitt to Surfing Victoria. "Any time we can get a win over Torquay is a massive deal for us as we think they set the standard for the state."

"We are just going to buckle down now and train really hard for the National final and see how we go!"

Our gun team included ex-pat Caiden Fowler, Hannah Trigger, Joel Reid, Hayden Forrest and Will Watson.

The National Final is scheduled to take place in Newcastle, NSW on May 15 and 16 and will be broadcast via

Special thanks to Paul Stan Churcher and Al Dillion from Peninsula Sports Photography for coming down and capturing the action. Click on their link to view all their fantastic photos of the day.

Full results can be found online via


23 JANUARY 2021

The 2021 Retro Classic was an absolute blast for everyone involved. We'd like to say a big thank you to all of you who made it down the beach yesterday. Congratulations to our Champions Hayden Forrest, Angus Forrest and Ava Holland for taking out the 2021 Retro titles.

It was a great effort by all and it was awesome to see so many crew hanging out back at the Club for a well earned beer. Our new Committee has been decided and will be announced later in the week.

Thanks also to Peninsula Sports Photography for capturing so many great photos for our members to enjoy. Please help support these guys for the great work they do down at the beach, view their gallery

Our team will be battling it out at Phillip Island next Saturday for the Australian Boardriders Battle. Head down to help cheer our squad onto to victory.

Keep an eye on our social for latest & updated news & events › PSC Instagram & Facebook



A fantastic day down at Atlas (Shoreham) with clean 2-3ft waves, a huge turn out, and some very stoked groms.

This was our only Supergroms event this year due to COVID but they'll certainly be more action in 2021.

A huge thanks to Skip Easton for running the show again and all those that helped. Also thank you to Al and Paul from Peninsula Sports Photography for the fantastic photos of the day! Check out their Facebook page for tonnes of great pics › Gallery 1 | Gallery 2

Keep an eye on our social for 2021 events likely starting late Jan/Feb.

Email to join their mail list.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!


28 NOVEMBER 2020

Saturday's Covid Classic was a perfect example of the Peninsula Surfriders in all its glory. As Jackson Trotman put it during the afternoon, “its just good honest fun”

We were greeted early at Rye carpark with a dropping swell and still conditions. As the early rounds of Open got underway the wind decided to swing stiff offshore and begin grooming the swell for us. The ensuing rounds of competition were held in pumping conditions all of which was captured by Paul and Al from Peninsula Sports Photography. Id like to give a big thanks to these guys for sharing their work with our members.

One of the most exciting features of the Covid Classic was the presence and performance of the Cary crew. The junior divisions provided highlights throughout the day. Saul Taylor and Taj Farrell duked it out in the junior final while at the same time muscling through one of the biggest B grade divisions we’ve seen in recent times to finish first and second.

It was clear to the club’s older members that the young crew of rippers from Rye have benefited hugely from the lockdown period and all that extra time in the water at home. It’s going to be super exciting to watch all of you push your surfing together over the coming years.

In the cadet’s division Will Watson was silky and clinical on his way to taking the title for the day. He was faced with hot competition from Miller Cutler, Flynn Cooper, Jett Harrison in an entertaining final. The cadet’s division was looking mighty healthy as both Jarrah Cervi and Spencer Davis missed out on finals berths by the slimmest of margins, highlighting the tight competition amongst the boys.

Another highlight was seeing Ruby Armstrong, Sophie Thompson and Ava and Ruby Holland competing hard in the Groms and Junior Women divisions. By this stage of the day the weather had taken a serious turn for the worst and we were left with fairly blown out conditions. The girls were admirable in showing their determination and put on two great heats. Ava Hollands 7 and 8 point rides were big highlights as she took out both the Junior and groms division. What’s more incredible was that it was the girls first surf at Rye and that they were able to get out there and take it on!

Many of our club’s usual suspects were also putting on a clinic in the senior divisions. Mickdoh, Jack Winter, Adam Morris and Angus Forrest took out their respective heats with healthy two wave heat totals in round one of the Open. Luke Beerling also dusted of the cobwebs and won his first heat back in a while, continuing a comeback to form out in the water of late.

In the B grade the Rye crew were dominant, Craig Burton, Spencer Davis, Flynn cooper, Taj Farrell, Sonny Farrell, Saul Taylor and Jett Harrison all put in solid heats. Perennial B grade threat, Jackson Trotman also gave us plenty of highlights on his way to a 3rd place behind Saul and Taj.

The open men’s final was an absolute corker and the perfect finish to the Covid Classic. It was the kind of heat that showcased the beauty of competitive surfing. Four great mates all incredibly hungry to out do each other for the win. Lachy, Cal and Adam all club champions rose to another level throughout the day, Huge turns on close out sections, linking reforms all the way for clinical finishes and explosive combos, the boys had it all.

However, one man. A man forged in the dunes and sandbars of the greater Rye carpark area was to be the champion. Joel Wookey in his first Open final found the wave and unloaded a series of radical snaps and carves. His post wave claims to the judging tent sent the whole crew wild in what was a crowd pleasing win for everyone. Congratulations Joel!

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone that came down to the beach on Saturday. This year has been difficult to say the least. To see our members, get involved and enjoy themselves was the biggest highlight of all. I'd also like to thank my fellow committee members for their huge efforts in making the Covid Classic such a great success.

As well as huge thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters – Mornington Mazda, St Andrews Brewery, Bass surfboards, Mark @ Chips and Gravy Milkbar, Oke Surfboards, Ripcurl Australia, Oakley Australia and RVCA Australia.

Full gallery @ PeninsulaSportsPhotography



Well what a 2020 it has been, a truly unique year like no other and one that has unfortunately affected everybody. Our beloved boardriders club is no exception and with the second round of lockdowns came and even longer hibernation period for the club and the 2020 season.

We sincerely wish all of our member, sponsors and friends plenty of waves, lots of sales and all the very best as we move towards 2021.

With things getting better by the day here in Victoria the committee had a chance to meet last week and make some important decisions regarding the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The first of these decisions was to forfeit the 2020 competitive season. Our club like so many community sporting organisations won't be crowning any champions this year.

There is hope that we will be able to hold a one off ‘Covid Cup’ event to see the year off in style. We have permit dates throughout November so we will to wait and see what the state government will allow the public to do after the November 8th announcements. If we receive the news we are all waiting for the club will announce the contest via Facebook and Instagram and registration will be available via Liveheats once a contest date has been confirmed.

SuperGroms will also be recommencing if reduced lockdown measures allow. Skip is looking forward to hosting an event on Sunday December 6th. We’ve had a lot of enquiries regarding the SuperGroms so hopefully we can announce the conformation of a contest in a week’s time.

Other pressing subjects discussed by the committee were the overdue need for a working bee at the clubrooms. Adam and Jane have done a wonderful job as caretakers however every member owes the clubhouse an hour or two of elbow grease to keep our amazing property shining well into the future. Again this is subject to lockdown laws but we have set aside Saturday December the 5th to all get together and do our bit.

Finally the committee has made the decision to discount the 2021 memberships. We understand that everybody has been affected throughout 2020 and we want to see all of our current, past and future PSC members at the beach loud and proud in 2021.

Lets hope for more positive news from the state government so we can all get together and celebrate the things we love.

Sean McDevitt


22 FEBRUARY 2020

Contest one kicked off our 2020 season under blue skies and with great surf at our spiritual home, First Carpark Gunnamatta.

Again the Gunnawatu left was there to provide us with good waves for the entirety of the day, allowing all of our competitors to showcase their talents.

Two time club Champion Cal Nico took the first win of the year in both the coveted Open division and hotly contested over 28s. Hayden Forrest, Lachy and last years club champion Jett rounded out the Open division final in what could become a very similar scenario at the pointy end of the open division this season.

We were psyched to see a well stacked B grade division at comp 1 and in the end big Noodz took it out over Joe Draffin and Tommy Shannon. A special mention should also go out to Cassidy short for making the final and punching well above his weight and years. Here’s hoping too big year for this division as the guys fight it out for the title.

Our Women’s division was dominated by the Fischer sister, in what will be another big year for the both of them. It was Ella who took the bragging rights over sister Brooke and Sophie Thompson. All three of these girls are set for another big year of improvement and we cant wait to watch their progression as the season un folds.

In the juniors and cadets Jake Pancic and Will Watson dominated however both divisions were tightly contested and the level from all the boys has stepped up again. The Groms division was taken out by Alfie Clarke over Clancy Watson, Fletcher Williams and Ruby Armstrong. With a great turnout of Junior’s, cadets and groms at comp 1 we will hopefully see one of the most competitive seasons for our juniors in quite a few years.

Finally in what are sometimes the days most competitive heats we saw Sammy Whittle take out the over 35s for a big win. Heavy hitter Darren Jessop narrowly took down Burto in the over 45s. Whilst the mercurial Kim Shannon took the win over Joe Cervi and Howie in the over 55s grudge match division.

A big Thanks must go out to the committee for running an amazing event in my absence and providing our members with the chance to rip and have a great day at the beach. Contest two is set for March 14th so lets hope for sunny weather and crisp offshores.

In other news we are proud to announce the raising of $700 for the Mallacoota Boardriders club in their bush fire rebuilding effort. This couldn’t have been achieved without the generous support and donations of St Andrews Brewery and in particular Louie Purchase. Thank you guys for your support!

And finally a big shout out to Will Watson for taking 3rd place in the Surfing Victoria round 2 event at Shoreham this past weekend.

Thank you to all the members for getting behind our liveheats system and registering for memberships online. If you need to sign up for our 2020 season, head to and hit the membership link to join now.


25 JANUARY 2020

2020 Retro / Single Fin Contest Report

Our 2020 Single Fin and season opener had some new flavour this year with the addition of twin fins to the contest. As a result the overall level of shralping was increased and made for a very entertaining open division for the entirety of the day. Our Masters and Legends divisions were a purist affair with only singe fins being ridden.

The day started in a controversial fashion with large sets still booming out the back of first carpark, Our experienced wave commissioner Ben Hallam used an iron fist to bring calm to the look out and put the blinkers on as he calmly took his seat behind the contest desk and kicked off the first heat of open. It turned out to be a great call, with the waves on the Gunnawatu bank turning on as the tide rolled its way into a midday high.

Mickdoh, Cal and Maccoy were on a tear in their round one encounter and traded left after left with a strong goofy foot performance that set the flavor for the day, other highlights included LMC back in form on the single fin and Rory Thomas going on an absolute nooner bender on a somewhat controversial new age high performance twin.

The quarterfinals saw the waves turn up another gear and with it the performances. The commissioner came out from behind the mic and lit up his heat on a borrowed 5’2 that would see him through to the finals. Nath Barrett bucking the twin trend sent some huge turns into big sections on a classic single fin and slipping through the back door like an old street cat, Shan Creasey lit up the lefts all the way to the final.

In the seniors, Lance was drawing hard off the bottom on his backhand to take a close win over retro specialist Mark Miccoli in second and club favorite Kerry “F*#k ya love ya” Coombs in third.

In the juniors, Nash Carne took the win on a self made school project twin fin. Whilst Ronnie took out the grand masters over Burnsy in a heat that might have caught the judges napping. Cough cough…..

The Final was a solid battle with some fresh faces to the big heat of the day. Mickdoh, Shan and the commissioner all battled hard but couldn’t keep their earlier momentum against an ever clinical Cal Nico, who took out the event in fine form and on a borrowed board.

A huge shout out to the committee for getting the event started and to all of our new members who came to hang out a meet the crew. A big thanks also to Louie Purchase from St Andrews brewery for the keg set up at the clubhouse afterwards for all to enjoy.

To everyone who made it down I’d like to say a big thank you for what was a great day at the beach with our community

Looking forward to seeing you all at Comp 1.

Thanks, Sean ( Pres )

Visit for full Results and to purchase your 2020 Membership.


10 DECEMBER 2019

Merry Christmas from your Committee!

What a great year of waves we had in 2019. Although Gunnamatta never really had a bank until the start of winter, Rye carpark had some classic days to provide us with some amazing conditions for two out of our first three contests. From winter onwards First carpark saw classic conditions especially through September and October. It was always great to be out in classic Gunna surf surrounded by plenty of PSC members and loved friends.

Looking towards an exciting 2020 for the club I’d first like to say another big thank you to our outgoing president Lachy McDonald for leading the way the past two years. His dedication to our community is something all members benefit from and I wish him plenty of more success in the water in 2020.

As most members are aware, Melbourne’s new Urbnsurf wave pool is offering the states boardriders clubs the chance to hold their own surf comp at the venue. This promises to be one of the more exciting events in recent years and we hope its the stimulus for many past members to re join and compete in the 2020 season. We have already opened the link to pay online for your 2020 membership via

Of course 2020’s remaining contests will be held in the best conditions we can provide for members, something we have achieved with great success of the past five years. With a few small exceptions. After breaking the glass ceiling at comp five this year, It would be great to push for more competitions in Westernport bay and build on the positive feedback we received after the last contest.

We will be looking to commence the 2020 season early in the new year, until then I would like to wish all our members past and present a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stay safe and happy surfing! Cant wait to see you all at the beach very soon.

Sean McDeviit ( PSC President 2020 )


16 NOVEMBER 2019

2019 PSC Presentation Event

Another great night for the Club, utilising one of our major sponsors events spaces at St Andrews Beach Brewery, great food and atmosphere! Then kicking on at the clubhouse to wee hours of the morning!

A huge congratulations to Jett Dickinson, our 2019 OPEN MENS Champion and Ella Fischer, our 2019 WOMENS Champion.

Other division winners included:
Junior Boys: Jake Pancic / Junior Girls: Brooke Fischer / Cadets: Willem Watson / Open B: Lachie Mason / O'28: Lachy McDonald / O'35: Ben Fox / O'45 Rod Barber / O'55 Jamie Reichelt

Special Awards:
Best Judge: Joel Wookey / Best Club Person: Ross Moresi / Best Committee Member: Sean McDevitt / Most Improved: Joel Corboy / Encouragement Award: Troy Jessop / Encouragement Award: Brook and Ella Fischer.


16 OCTOBER 2019

After the easiest start to a season in years, we are now struggling to run the 5th comp prior to our presentation event (November 16th). Let me explain ...

Post-AFL Grand Final and once school holidays were complete we have had a couple of dates proposed for comps. The weekend of October 5/6 was a very tough call with Ben and Sean doing a great job to postpone as the long period swell was too strong for the ocean beaches and easterly wind no good for Flinders.

Last weekend (October 12/13) we had a state round (open) @ Jan Juc on Saturday and the scheduled teams event on Sunday was postponed due to very small surf. The committee scrambled hard to get a permit through Parks Vic for the Sunday but were unfortunately denied as Parks now has an 8 weeks application process, and no flexibility.

This weekend (October 19/20) we have a large swell accompanied by onshore winds forecast (WSW cross/onshore at Pt Leo). Tony and the crew at Pt Leo foreshore have been awesome and granted us a last minute permit for either day and Sunday is still a real possibility to run... but the committee is concerned that the 11am low-tide will see the Point / Hump almost unsurfable for a couple of hours at least. Further to this, poor weather could be an issue. We will update all members via text, social media and the website on Thursday.

If we don't run we have the below dates: Saturday 26th October (Sunday 27th is the Postponed VIC teams titles event at Jan Juc). At this stage the forecast for both days is 4-6ft and WSW winds... no good for Gunna, too small for Westernport (all day). Cup Weekend - no contest / no permits. Sunday 10th November (Sat 9th is the ABB teams event at Phillip Island)

What else do we have for the 2019 season ?
Saturday 16th - PSC Preso @ St Andrews Brewery.
Saturday 23rd - PSC Single Fin / AGM
Saturday 7th December - PIBC hosting us at their clubhouse - charity / fundraiser surf event for Matt Ando

Should we commit to November 10th we will be forced to run in whatever Huey serves up.

Cheers and see you soon, Lachy and the 2019 PSC Committee

Winter Update 2019


What a Winter, absolutely freezing and the banks aren't great but if you don't mind a trip to the West Coast (or a high tide bash in the bay) you've had a great time.

Looks like we've lost a bunch of members to the snow with Tim Antonie and Sean McD enjoying classic Australian conditions over the last weekend.

Where are we at for club stuff? Click the below link to read our latest club newsletter.



Another epic day of sunshine and waves at First CP Gunnamatta on Sunday 19th of May.

The main left hander provided plenty of sections and even the odd tube (go Sean!) for our members. Well done to Nick Wallace whose backhand attack stormed to victory in both the open and over 35 divisions.

Other winners included the coach (AKA Ron Gorringe), Cal Nico, Will Watson and Joel Corboy.

Thanks to Rod, Cal and Ross Moresi for a great effort on the BBQ all day and to Adam for providing the beverages and rounding up the faithful for a return to the clubhouse.

The club will now move into its annual Winter break. Photo by T Grace.


23 MARCH 2019 : RYE

In excellent conditions the club held its 3rd aggregate event at Rye Ocean Beach.

Morning rain threatened but with infrastructure in place members enjoyed a great day and the sun broke through at midday. An early low tide saw some tricky rip-bowls, but with an increasing swell and high tide the surf fired in the afternoon with 4-5 foot left handers running along a groomed sandbank.

The day’s highlights included:   Luke Chalmers entry for wipeout of the year, running out of water on a critical section and copping a cut to his leg in the process.   New member Pedro Lani’s vicious backhand attack en route to his 4th place finish on debut.   Sascha Taylor’s late drop and swooping bottom turns, and the enthusiasm of the female divisions to tackle the exciting conditions.   Willem Watson again tearing through the cadet field to find a victory.   Young guns Macoy Noseda, Charlie Lucas and Jett Dickinson again making it through multiple heats in the open division.   Jett’s excellent scores in the open final, a huge 16.9 total to take the win for the second consecutive event.   The contribution from committee and club members to set-up in the dark, run split heats for 3 hours and finish before the south westerly change at 3pm.   Enjoying a cold drink in the shade at the clubhouse as the sun beamed down after the event.

Some exciting aggregate races are taking shape with all divisions close. The final two events will be crucial to decide the club’s champions for 2019.

Photo above by


16 MARCH 2019 : RYE

Light winds and sunny skies graced our second event for 2019 season. With two breaks the full field was split for a few hours to ensure single day completion.

The day’s highlights included: Ex-club champion Mikey Barber’s strong return to form, punctuated by some strong aerial manoeuvres.   A great tube ride from Ross McDonald in the dying seconds of his round 1 heat. Ross would go on to make the open final; Junior surfer Jake Pancic’s smooth lines in his early round heats.   The high energy battle in the cadet division with Saul Taylor and Cass Short taking it up to eventual winner, Taj Farrell.   Max Burton’s gutsy junior win after a shoulder injury.   The big guys – Rod Barber Lachie Mason battling it out with some great hacks in the B-Grade final.   Ben Fox and Kim Shannon shredding in their respective age divisions.   Young gun, 17 year old Jett Dickinson taking out a high-scoring open men’s final with his strong backhand attack. Jett is the youngest open winner in 15 years.

The club will look to run its 3rd event on March 23/24, with multiple back-up dates listed online.

Photos above by Ronnie, full set on Facebook. Photos below by


24 FEB 2019

Beautiful conditions and 30+ degrees for the first comp of the season at Rye carpark.

The surf showed multiple faces throughout the day with everything from waist high shore breaks to groomed, head-high walls out the back on the right hander as the tide filled in.

Highlights included Craig Watson’s tube, Tilly and Soup ripping, Archy Wallace’s tube and enthusiasm, Will Watson making multiple open heats, Cal Nicolson’s dominance in the open men’s division, Jett Dickinson making his first final, Sascha Taylor’s return to competition and her brother Saul’s great back-hand reo’s, amazing sunshine, a ripping BBQ and an unlucky head injury to Nick Wallace who won the over 35’s anyway (not to mention Rob Crawley’s boating accident)!

Get well soon you two, and well done to all division winners. An epic first comp at Rye. Full Results

Next PSC contest is scheduled for the weekend of 16/17 March with 23/24 as back up.

Supergroms is also scheduled for Sunday March 24th in Western Port.

[ Photos above by Tony Grace ]

HELLO 2019


Its been a great summer of waves so far (sure, the banks are rubbish at Gunna, but if you know where to look you’ve been scoring). Lots of time at our most westerly break for the adventurers, and plenty of swell pushing into the bay.

Thanks to those who attended the 2018 presentation event. It was a great night and feedback has been awesome about the relaxed atmosphere and review by our MC team. As voted in at the AGM we will be pushing the 2019 season forward, finishing in time for a late November presentation to maximise attendance.

The other motion submitted was also approved by the majority of members – that the Australia Day single fin event include retro/twin fin divisions also. Unfortunately due to timing, we were unable to secure a permit for this event but will look to run it over the labour day weekend or later in the year.

Plenty of events coming up, lots of opportunities to surf, socialise and be a part of our great surf community so please spread the word and help us grow the membership. It’s a great club to be a part of. See events schedule ›

I’ll send plenty of text message updates in the lead-up to events and as always you should keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook and website. See you down at the beach, Lachy

Online Memberships

We will be encouraging members to submit payments via our Live Heats portal. Standard membership fee plus a 5% credit card processing charge.

*In 2019, a strict NO MEMBERSHIP, NO SURF policy will be enforced by Ron, Rod and Lachy. If you are signing up via liveheats to surf you must have paid your membership online or present correct cash and form to the treasurer at the beach PRIOR to surfing any heats.

Pay your membership online now at