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Lachy McDonald
Lachy Claims 2010/11 Title

Saturday 30th of July saw the annual gala event that is preso night, this year at the clubhouse, and what a set up and turn out it was.

Congratulations to Lachy McDonald for not only taking out the Open Aggregate over Hayden and Caiden respectively, but also running the show for the past few seasons and to help take the club into the future...

Congrats also to Georgia Fish for again taking out both the Womens & Girls divisions and who is also now living the dream on the tour, Georgia is currently ranked 28th in ASP Womens World Rankings!!!

Other winners included: Mike Antonie (Juniors); Joel Wookey (Cadets); Shan Creasey (Sr Mens); Tex Walker (Masters); Peter Watts (Sr Masters); Evan Kingston (Gr Masters); Ronnie Gorringe (Legends); Josh Caratello (B)

Thanks again to the commitee and those who helped set up the event and made the clubhouse look absolutely fantastic this year, as well as all the great work through the season...

Download final eNewsletter or view Aggregate Results >

PSC Cashie 10/11 Completed

Saturday the 4th of June saw the club run its final comp for the 10/11 season. The waves were very contestable all day, with 3-4ft double up rip bowls at first carpark. Despite the weather being relatively cold there was a good turn out of people. Thanks to everyone who put in during the day,particularly Lachy and the crew who made things run very smooth!

1. Caiden
2. Mikey Barber
3. Hayden
4. J-dubs
1. Mikey B
2. Mitch
3. Tom Lyon
4. Hobbit
5. Critter
6. DRat

Over 40's:
1. Homer
2. Rod

PSC Contest 5

Final PSC Contest Completed

We finally wrapped up the season on Saturday the 30th of May in fun three foot waves at first carpark. It was a great day at the beach with perfect weather and not much wind about. It was a pretty intense day as we had a large number of competitors across all divisions and due to the aggregates being so close there was a lot on the line for those title contenders in each division. The final results are going to be withheld until Presentation Night (30th of July) along with the final aggregate places. There looks to be some pretty tight finishes after this weeks results!

A huge thanks again to everyone that helped out on the day. It was really good to see a lot more people judging throughout the day, it made it a little bit easier for us with people being more willing to help. Thanks to all the committee this year; Lachy, Rod, Jane, Morgs, Tim, Amy, Mikey, Grant, BMC, Nath, Dexter, Reidy, Ross, Ronnie, Dave, McDevitt and JP. Also thanks to everyone else who put in an effort to help throughout the year, although it may not seem like much, it really makes a difference!

Congratulations to everyone for sticking it out all season despite having many shuffling of dates and locations. Although we didn't get amazing waves, each contest still seemed to deliver an exceptionally high level of surfing. It should be a great next season again, hopefully with better waves, and it should be interesting to see what happens with the junior surfers from this year, considering they already have a very strong presence in the open. Cheers Luke ( View PHOTOS )

PSC Contest 3 2011
4th PSC Comp completed Sat 2nd April

Comp 4 ran on Saturday the 2nd of April in more than contestable waves down the beach at Gunna. With dawn patrol at Rye, Gunna and Flinders, the strong SW wind made for miserable conditions pretty much everywhere except for off the fence which had very contestable waves due to the solid rip. El Presidente even managed to get his one barrel per comp out there..not surprising! Just a reminder, we ran this day because it was the backup date for the last weekend when we didn't run, and as voted by the majority of the club at the AGM, we MUST run on the backup weekend.

It was a big effort getting everything down the beach, and one again a huge thanks goes out to everyone who got there at 7am and helped cart stuff down there. Thanks also to everyone who judged on the day, as we were generally very short and people had to judge several heats in a row. Despite all this, the day ran relatively smoothly and the rain managed to hold off surprisingly.

There was once again some quality surfing by all divisions, especially in the open and juniors. It must be recognised that the Juniors have a ridiculously high standard of surfing and each one of them has the possibility of winning a comp, it's great to see. The open division once again had the dominating 8-10 surfers and this has made the race for the title super close. It's now a showdown between Hayden, Lachy, Caiden and Mikey. I won't bore you with the stats, but lets just say that it is all going to come down to the line on the next comp after Easter (30th April). The ladies opted to go around to Flinders, which was probably a good idea. A big thanks to Harry and the parents who all helped out getting them around there. The other divisions all had straight finals as the weather deterred many people despite the fact that the waves were better than they are on an offshore, sunny, two foot day.

Results & photos now online! Thanks again to everyone that helped on the day, especially Tim Antonie and Lachy once more, these guys put in a huge effort, so next time your at the beach give them a pat on the back or give them a set wave (not that they don't get them anyway). Enjoy Easter and we'll see you on the 30th of April. Cheers, Luke ( View PHOTOS )

PSC Contest 3 2011
3rd PSC contest finally done at Rye...

Saturday the 19th of March saw us run our first comp since the end of November. Although it was forecast to be pretty solid, we managed to luck into a fun reform at Rye carpark. Without holding a comp in over three months, everyone was keen to get the ball rolling and we saw the first heat in the water around 7am. The waves were generally pretty good until the tide started to get pretty low in the arvo and the sea breeze came up. However, we have definitely run comps in much worse waves before!

At the end of the day winners included Caiden Fowler, Darcy Malesa, Joel Wooky, Georgia Fish, Cam Stynes, Tex Walker, Tim Antonie, Evan Kingston, Ronnie Gorronge and Josh Caratello. There was once again some really solid surfing put in by some of the junior surfers in the open rounds. Congratulations to Georgia who managed to make the quarters, knocking out a few blokes along the way. Also to Caiden for his maiden and well desreved Open win..good to see you out of the semi's mate!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who pulled their weight on the weekend and for those who helped set up and pack up. Also to Lachy, Tim Antonie, Dexter, Critter, Mitch Hayes, Will Antonie and Skip for helping out when things got pretty hectic! It would be really good to see a few more people hang around at the end of the day to watch the finals as they were all super close and generally will be the best surfing of the day! Also, just a reminder of our rules on registering and not showing's basically a two strike rule, so if you register for the open and don't show up for your heat on two occasions (which a few people have now done) you will not be able to enter the open heat draw for the rest of the season as it wastes spots for those who really want to surf/the opportunity for younger surfers to have a crack in the opens. Cheers, Luke. ( View PHOTOS )

Contest #2 Completed at Gunna

20 November 2010 : 1st Car Park : Gunnamatta

Another great day at the beach with mostly contestable waves hitting the old faithful. Young Mikey Barber took out the Open Division, Mitch Hayes Juniors and Georgia again dominated the Womens. View RESULTS ››› View Photos by TUNI ››

Round 2 was completed on 21st November at Crunchies.
View the photos, report and results at Triggers/supergroms ››

Round 1 of the PSC Supergroms was held in sunny conditions with 2-3 ft waves at Crunchy Pt at Pt Leo on 24th October, read report ››

Season 2010/11 Underway : Comp #1

The first contest kicked off on 6th November in small but fun waves at first carpark, Gunnamatta. With a diminishing swell, sunny conditions and not too much wind, the day was a good one at the beach.

It was great to see a big turnout and some new faces as well. The party afterward was a cracker and from the looks of things, everyone was enjoying themselves thoroughly, especially to the sounds of Final Cut. Still have a few people who surfed on the day but didn't register or put in a registration form without money. Could those people please bring their money to the next contest, otherwise they won't be able to surf! Next comp scheduled for the 20th of November. LC. View Photos and Results ››

PSC Season Opening Party!


The first party will be beach themed, so go and find the best floral and hawaian shirts money can buy and let's all celebrate the beach and summer in style! Live music and a few dj sets by the peninsula's finest electro and hip hop producers!!!

Drinks will be served from the club bar to midnight including a giant punch bucket! First free if dressed up. No BYO.

Other Dates:
Comp 1 : Sat November 6th ( 13th backup )
Comp 2 : Sat November 20th ( 27th backup )
Comp 3 : TBC ( December )

Teams Titles 2010

Well done to the team and supporters who put in a great effort on the day to make the finals and come home with 4th overall against stiff competition in small but clean Jan Juc waves on 4th Sept. Thanks to Caiden, Mikey, Ross, Georgia, Matilda, Cal, Grant, Hayden, Jack, Shan, GT, Cam, and Jamison who all performed well on the day.

Congrats to the Island who took out the trophy this year, we're looking forward to Woolamai next year!

PSC AGM 2010 : Sat 21st August

Thanks to all those who made the effort last Saturday for the annual AGM the new committee has been elected as follows;

PRESIDENT - Lachy McDonald
SECRETARY - Jane Featherston
TREASURER - Morgan Winch
WOMENS REP - Amy Hackett
JUNIOR REP - Mikey Barber

Brendan McCafferty, Nathan Barrett, Tim Dexter, Joel Reid, Ross McDonald, Ronnie Gorringe, Dave Parsons, Sean McDevitt & JP Ricca

Special thanks to Committee 2008/09

A big thanks to the departing committee, a great job last year Gavin and Co. Plus a Big congratulations to Jack and Georgia, our open champions. We look forward to a fun season of surfing and socialising this year.

Preso Night 2009 : Congrats Champs!

Congratulations to Jack Winter and Georgia Fish for taking out Season 08/09 Open Aggregate Titles, our young guns are slowly taking over the podium, look out seniors. Full Results ››

PSC Single Fin Classic 2009

RESULTS JUNIORS: 1. Grant Williams / 2. Mike Antonie / 3. Liam Fowler / 4. Mike Barber /5. Wade Cochrane / 6. Tom Stenford ... OPEN: 1. Liam Jolly / 2. Tex / 3. GT / 4. Adam M / 5. Caiden / 6. LMC ... OVER 45: 1. Gav D / 2. Ronnie G / 3. Drakey / 4. Jason M / 5. Stewie M ... Longest Ride: Liam Fowler / Best Tube : Rod Drake ... Best Original Single Fin: The Vok

Final Aggregate for 08/09 completed

The 5th and Final PSC Aggregate Contest was held in average conditions at a Rye Back Beach on 9th May 2009.

Clean Ocean Needs You!

Give back the ocean the love it deserves by joining the Clean Ocean Foundation a help rid our beautiful Australian and Global Coasts of Outfalls, Desalination Plants and many other causes via membership and giving these Govt options other than spilling shit straight into a surf beaches.

Join the cause today at >

Victorian Open & Masters Titles 2009

Well done PSC members who entered the recent Vic Titles on 1st March at Woolamai. Big congrats to Tex Walker, Mark Harrison, Gary Burns & Lloydy for their division title wins!

- Open - Caiden : Quarter Finals
- Over 28's - 1st Tex, 3rd Shannon, 4th Peter Watts
- Over 35's - 3rd Tex, 4th Peter Watts
- Over 40's - 1st Gary Burns, 2nd Mark Harrison
- Over 45's - 1st Mark Harrison, 2nd Gary Burns, 4th Richie Porter
- Over 50's - 1st Mark Lloyd

3rd PSC Contest completed at Rye

Season 2008/09 - With a decent turnout despite choppy conditions, which proved be be more fun than than initially thought, the guys and girls played in 3ft reforms at Rye Back Beach on the 21st February. View Results ››

Vicco Volcom Comp

Volcom Stone’s Victorian VQS Contest was held on Sat 7th Feb in good 3-4ft rights at 1st Carie, Gunnamatta, on PSC's new judging platform.

Peninsula surfers did exceptionally well with Jack Winter taking out the Open, Tim Burnie 2nd, Chuck 3rd, and Cal Nicholson 4th. Angus Forest 2nd with Caiden Fowler 3rd in the Juniors. Tom Antonie won the Groms and Matilda McLellan placed well in the women's.

BASE Boys Surf Tour

Touring the Victorian Coast this February is the BASE Boys Surf Tour. The tour is a skill development program aimed at boys who have passed through the 'learn to surf stage' and has the ability to ride and unbroken wave. WQS surfers Adam Robertson & Jack Perry will be joining the tour to hand on valuable knowledge the boys. More at >

2nd Contest completed : Sat 6th Dec

Comp completed in small, semi clean conditions at Rye Back Beach. View Contest Results or updated Photos from event >

Auction Night 2008 : A Huge Success!

Thank you to all who attended and donated items for the Auction Night held at Morning Star Estate, Mt Eliza on Friday 28th November 2008.

The club has now paid-off the clubhouse and this gives us time to focus more on the club, the surfing and junior and elite development!

Matilda Wins Rip Curl Gromsearch SA

PSC's Matilda McLellan produced some solid scores to take out the U/14 Girls division in the Rip Curl GromSearch event at Middleton Point SA on Sunday 23 September 2008. (Photo by Tony Atkinson)

Teams Titles run in junky Wooli waves

Saturday 1st November 2008 saw the 2008 Victorian Teams Titles held at Woolamai in 2-4ft trying conditions. Our team lead by GT did well to make it through to the finals with some great performances by Caiden and Chuck. We dipped out in the finals with Torquay taking the honours and title back to the west coast. Full report to come...

First Comp Run & Won in Top Conditions

18th October 2008 saw a fantastic day of conditions and surfing to get the new season 08/09 underway. Check out the Photos and Results >

AGM 2008

Thanks to all members who came down for the arvo and put their hands up to take over the reigns for the coming season. A very big thanks to Chris 'Redeye' Fowler who handed over the baton after many hours, days, years, blood sweat and tears for us and the club. Chris will still be behind the scenes, plus organising the Auction Night Ozmosis Junior Pro - a big thanks to Redeye!

Also special thanks to Claire, Jane, Fasso, Lachy, Homer, and the rest of the preceding committee for the last few years! We definitely had a solid crew behind us with them. And with that good luck to Gavin Duffy and all the new season crew! Check out the new committee here >


Congratulations Mark 'Tex' Walker for winning the Open Division, his third PSC Open Title. Tex had stellar year and also won the Senior Mens Title.

Georgia Fish also dominated the Girls & Women's divisions, claiming both titles again, and Caiden Fowler capped off his season with the Junior Title.

Full 2007/08 Aggregate Results // Plus Final Contest Photos

Final Aggregate 07/08 Comp Completed

24th May 2008 saw a fantastic day at the beach with 2-3ft clean and contestable waves all day at First Car Park Gunna on the Right with the finals held on a little high tide Left/Right Peak to the Left. The juniors were held the following week on Sunday 1st June at Gunna. Photos >

Victorian Masters Titles : Phillip Island

Held on the 3rd May in 4ft sloppy conditions at Woolamai. Well done to our members who all performed well in the trying conditions and a big congrats to Tex for back to back state titles! PSC results:

Over 28 Mens - 1st Tex, 3rd Peter Watts, 4th Selim
Over 35 Mens - 2nd Selim, 3rd Peter Watts
Over 40 Men - 3rd Garry Burns
Over 45 Mens - 1st Garry Burns, 4th Mark Lloyd
Over 35 Womens - 4th Amy Hackett

Good luck to those going to the Nationals in Port Macquarie (Aug 23-30)

PSC Contest 4 : Back to 1st Car Park

Saturday 19th April saw good clean right and left banks at 1st car park Gunnamatta. View Photos

PSC Contest 3 : Gunna Fires Up

Saturday 8th March saw absolutely cracking offshore condition at Addics, Gunnamatta, with 4-6ft bowling lefts all day. Photos

Vic Open Championships Rnd 2 - Gunna

Saturday 1st March saw Carl Wright (PIBC), take out the Mornington Peninsula round of the Victorian Open Surfing Championship Circuit held in solid 1-2m offshore conditions at the Gunnamatta Beach.

Wright narrowly got home from WQS and Portland surfer Adam Robertson with Jirah Laws (Torquay) in 3rd and Airy’s inlet surfer Peter Hughes 4th.

In the open women’s division 2007 Victorian Open Champion Jan Juc’s Amy Stewart took out the title from Phillip Island 14 year old India Payne with Jess Laing (PI) in third and PSC's Georgia Fish taking home 4th.

Quiksilver Victorian Junior Titles

In a day of action and drama Phillip Island surfer Mitch Baker and Flinders surfer Georgia Fish took out the premier under 18 divisions at the Quiksilver Victorian Junior State Titles East Coast round in testing rip affected 1 metre waves at Gunnamatta Beach. This was the first event of a three event series for Victorian Junior surfers. The notorious Gunnamatta rip and variable winds presented challenges to all contestants. More >

Volcom VQS preys on Gunnamatta
Well done to Liam, Tex, Angus and Georgia who made the top 4 in the annual Volcom VQS comp at Gunna on Sat 9th Feb. Simon McShane took out the Pro Am division. Read more

Single Fin Classic scores epic conditions

The 2008 PSC Single Fin Classic held on Australia Day coincided with perfect 3-5ft swell and offshore winds with the gang tearing the left rip bowl at 1st car park Gunnmatta on their classic 70's sticks. Despite a wobbly start most surfers revelled on the old boards with barrels and big carves a plenty across all divsions, including the much anticipated O/50's with local legend Mick Pierce stealing the show.

Check out the Single Fin Classic Photos >

OPEN - Tex / Reidy / Shan / Lachy / Luke / Timmy
OVER 35 - GT / Liam / Chuck / Slim / Bazza / Loydy
OVER 50 - Piercy / T Reid / Drakey / Gav / Howey / Skip
JUNIOR - Ryan / Caiden / Gus / Tim / Liam / Sam
CADETS - Jack / Max

Thanks to Howey and the boys for putting together the great event!

Read more about the event in Phil Newman's write up >

Ozmosis Nova Pro Junior

psc pro juniorNewcastle's 19 year old Craig Anderson takes out the OZMOSIS NOVA PRO JUNIOR over Julian Wilson in excellent 3-4 waves at Gunnamatta on Saturday 19th January.

Anderson's 'smooth' style glided him through the event and to a maiden pro victory in the 7 Star ASP Australasia event presented by PSC.

South Coast surfer Sally Fitzgibbons took out the girls divsion on Friday and cemented her future as a super star.

Well done to PSC, Redeye and Co for putting on a fantastic event and months of organising and thanks again to the events sponsors.


Pictured below: Caiden Fowler in form at the Pro Junior.

Happy New Year! What's Up for 2008

We've had a massive start to the year with the Ozmosis/Nova Pro Junior presented by us, Peninsual Surfriders in cracking waves at Gunna.

The PSC Single Fin Classic will be held on Australia Day (26 Jan) with BBQ, Beers and function back at the clubrooms, the word is that a few legends will be coming down again for the event including Wayne Lynch who graced the original PSC Single Fin Classic and is back for more.

The Victorian Volcom VQS comp will be held at Gunnamatta on Sat 9th Feb. With free entry and prizes get on down.

2nd Aggregate Contest Completed

The second instalment of our 2007/08 season was completed in contestable 3-4ft SE conditions at second carpark Gunnamatta on Saturday 1st December. The club is planning on holding the 3rd comp now in Feb 2008 due to full contest calendar. Full 2nd Comp Results >

1st Contest Season 07/08

Saturday 27th October saw the first instalment of the 2007/08 season in cracking 3-4ft sunny offshore conditions at Gunnmatta 2nd carpark. Photos ›

Vic Team Titles 2007 : PSC Claims 3rd

Well done to our team who finished 3rd at this years teams titles behind Island 1st and Torquay 2nd held at Woolamai on Sat 3 November.

With great performances by Tex, Watto, Caiden, Tim Dexter and Bonnie, plus the rest of the team inc GT, Josh Hallam, Lachy, Cal Nicolson, Sophie Cizek, Harry, Tim Williams, Liam Jolly, Hydie, Alex, Ryan C & Forrest Bros.

Special thanks to all supporters who came down and put in the yards on the beach and also to PIBC who hosted the event and after party.

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